Children’s Books and Media

A Large and Growing Market

For children a book is a portal to magical world where anything and everything is possible. The look, feel, colors, illustrations, characters, and in the case of some books, the sounds have the ability to create lifelong memories and inspire imagination and exploration like no other stimulus. This is the power of books, and that is the power that builds into every children’s product we create.

The market for children’s books is estimated at nearly $4 billion. It takes specialized skill to put together a book that has the appeal and longevity that publishers crave for their products. The professionals at have been producing children’s books for over 20 years. We have deep experience in crafting children’s books that fill endless hours with priceless laughter, joy and excitement. We can help you with books of every kind -- picture books, traditional literature, fiction, non-fiction, historical biography and poetry.

In 2001 we developed, self-published and self-marketed the English and Spanish Foundation series of children’s language books. Today, it is a multi-award winning series and the number one product in its category. With a presence in every top retail account and warehouse club and in thousands of schools and homes around the world, the English and Spanish Foundation series demonstrates our success as book authors, developers and publishers. This rare combination makes us uniquely valuable to our clients who understand having well-rounded publishing partner working with them.

Book Development offers comprehensive book development services, including design, editorial, custom illustration, cover design, production, printing, shipping, marketing, publicity, warehousing and fulfillment.